The Leasing Option.

Lease and Contract Hire are the sophisticated modern options for companies seeking to rationalise the burden of running their vehicle fleet. It is part of the leasing revolution that accounts for an ever increasing volume of all vehicles in use in Ireland. The recent growth of leasing is a response to today's fast changing business climate. Capital items are rented rather than bought outright, thus avoiding the risks associated with becoming locked into expensive depreciating capital assets with constant servicing and maintenance requirements. No capital outlay is involved and a growing proportion of all plant, equipment and vehicles presently in use in through europe.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management is a service we offer to relieve users of the administrative burden of running a fleet. Everything related to running the fleet is passed to us, from acquisition to disposal and the handling of all maintenance and repairs. Under a fleet management arrangement the ownership of the vehicles normally remains under the control of the user.

For full details of all our leasing products and options www.hertzlease.com

Archer Sheridan
Hertz Lease Franchisee